A replacement filter for water softening, it is used in Aquaphor systems with a separate faucet. It softens the water, solving the problem of scaling and flaking in boiled water. It can be regenerated at home.
Filtering type
Undercounter filters

Technical specification

Mechanical filtration: No
Ion exchange: No
Sorption: No
Softening: Yes
Application: for cold water
Filters particles larger than: 5.0 μm
Filter life: 4000L
Replacement of cartridge: every 12 months
Filtration speed: 2 L/min
Dimensions: 7.0 x 2.51 x 7.0 cm
Weight: not more than 0.7 kg
Maximum operating water pressure: 0.63 MPa (6.5 at)
Maximum water temperature: + 35 ° С

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