Microfiltration cartridge of Crystal ECO ensures 99.99% protection from bacteria, cysts of parasites, suspended particles, rust, silt. All under-counter water filters of Crystal family are more compact compared to classic trio under-counter systems while containing same amount of sorption filling as traditional 10 inches modules. The housing is designed to withstand massive water pressure, is extremely easy and safe to change still secure from accidental removal.

All parts are produced from food-grade materials and are BPA-free.
8 000
Lebensdauer, L
2.5 L/min
Filtration rate

Eigenschaften und Varianten

alle Eigenschaften — 10
  • Filtration rate, L/min 2.5
  • Der Trinkwasserhahn ja
  • Man kann Wasser trinken, ohne zu kochen ja

Instruction manual
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