AQUAPHOR creates a custom-made production line for the blown jugs

Jun 27, 2019

AQUAPHOR engineers designed and launched the injection blow molding line for the mass production of the AQUAPHOR blown water filter jugs.

In-house production is more reliable

“Do everything in-house” is among our production principles, which implies not just inventing filters and sorbents with unique abilities, but making own production equipment too. No one knows better how to reduce damaged articles rate and raise the stability of the blown jugs output. Mass production requires the highest processes precision, especially if the technology and materials are sensitive to the slightest change in settings.

Why the standard extrusion blow molding is not enough to make plastic filter jugs? It works fine for many popular shapes of the AQUAPHOR filters, which have the top wider than the bottom.

The standard blow molding line does not fit the requirements for the new range of the blown jugs with narrow necks and spacious water storage bottom. With this kind of shape, it is impossible to extract the product from the machine without damaging it.

The creation of the seamless glass-looking filter jug takes more preparation, but the result delivers much more aesthetic pleasure.

Provence and Onyx series

The new custom-made injection blow molding line requires significantly fewer resources and maintenance efforts, compared to the standard blow molding. As well it requires less human involvement and uses one-third of the electricity amount.

Exclusive designs are worth creating expensive process machines, especially when innovation is a philosophy of the R&D team at AQUAPHOR.

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