Filter jugs

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Reasons to love having a filter jug

Better tasting drinks
Reduces the annoying chlorine taste and odour from tap water, and filters out sediment and other visible contaminants for clearer, brighter water.
Makes every drop cleaner
Purifies 6 to 8 glasses at a time, reducing common and more intricate contaminants so that no drop is left unattended.
Simple and easy to use
Filter jugs are as intuitive and simple as they get; just fill with tap water and let it run through the filter cartridge. The jug comes ready to use and replacing the filter takes just a few minutes.
Safe and Eco-friendly
Filter jugs are made of safe BPA-free materials. Whilst using this system instead of bottled water reduces plastic waste, the jug and filter cartridges should be recycled when worn-out.

Things to consider

Filter jugs are the classics in drinking water purification. They are stylish, affordable and easy to use. However, you should take the following into account before making your selection:
Filter cartridges should be replaced on time following user manual.
The filter cartridge has limited capacity to soften water and prevent scale formation. Depending on water hardness the softening effect may end sooner than filtration capacity.
Filter jugs are designed to purify municipal tap water. Filtering water from other sources with a jug could improve its quality but may be not enough to drink it safely.
Do not store filtered water for more than few hours outside of the fridge as without chlorine there is nothing to prevent its re-contamination.

How to choose

Effective and stylish

Aquaphor offers a variety of water filter jugs, which all come with a replacement filter that ensures effective purification of tap water. That is why you can focus on choosing the style, capacity, and lid features. Consider your water consumption to choose the right funnel as it determines how much water can be filtered at a time. Next, check the replacement filter fit, it is related to maximum filter life and allows using Aquaphor filters with other brands' jugs.

Functionality and specialization

How long a filter will serve you depends on the size of a family, tap water quality and the frequency of use. For example, a 300-litres replacement filter is good for one month with a family of three and up to three months for one person. After a filter is exhausted, it won’t add anything detrimental to your water, but its effectiveness drops significantly.

All Aquaphor jug filters irreversibly detain chlorine, lead, mercury and organic compounds while also reducing limescale. With particular cartridges, you can better address challenges like excessive iron, turbidity or even bacterial unsafety, the other enrich water with magnesium.

Features for your convenience

Jugs and cartridges are made of high-quality BPA-free plastics which are neutral in contact with food and water. You can put them in the fridge or machine wash**. Flip-top and sliding lids ease the filling of the jug.
A mechanical or electronic indicator of the remaining filter life will tell you when to swap it out. Forgetting to replace filters in time is the most common reason for drinking not the best quality water.

*Reduced contaminants may not be present in all users’ water.
**Jug lids with a filter life counter should not be subject to machine wash.

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