Drinking Water Mineralization

Jun 19, 2018

The primary function of any drinking water filter is first and foremost water purification. The filter serves as a barrier to unwanted or dangerous waterborne contamination. Making it tastier and more salutary through adding minerals comes only as a second priority. None of the existing marketing trends can convince us otherwise.

Replacement filters for Aquaphor products are already taking a hard line towards their main challenge. The time has come to focus on their accessory skills, such as mineralization for better taste and other noteworthy health bonuses. With this inspiration, А5 Mg and В100-25 Mg replacement filters for water filter jugs were created.

The human body normally assimilates magnesium from food as a part of its total organic complex. When the food itself has insufficient mineralization, the “advanced intake” mechanism of the metabolism is activated. It explains why children might want to eat chalk and pregnant women feel the need to include more salty products into their daily menu. Magnesium creates another positive side effect - that “tasty water” perception, we got so much used to thanks to evolution.

To balance these daily deficiencies and in order to preserve widely acknowledged water taste expectations we added a food-grade mineral into the replacement filter. The minerals delicately emit magnesium and refine the impression from every sip of water you drink. Magnesium in water is well assimilated by the body, improving the function of the heart, nerves, metabolism and many other systems.

Some manufacturers claim advanced healing qualities of magnesium water, which is more about marketing rather than about scientific research. Mineralized water will efficiently support your healthy living commitment, but a couple of bananas per day will provide you with more magnesium than the daily recommended intake of magnesium water. Your well-balanced diet is the true key and Aquaphor is here to help you build it.

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