• 99,9% bacteria reduction
  • No limescale
  • Fits in any kitchen


Aquaphor RO-31 is a compact direct-flow reverse osmosis water filtration system. It makes tap water clean and rich with healthy minerals. Clean water is collected into a handy water pitcher instead of a massive storage tank that rarely fits under the sink. The drinking water is always fresher and healthier than in traditional RO systems.

RO-31 fills the pitcher of 2.3L in some 15-30 minutes. Once the pitcher is full the connector unplugs automatically. You can put it into a refrigerator to save kitchen space even more. While in the pitcher the water is enriched with Magnesium for better taste and health benefits. 

All the parts of RO-31 are approved for contact with water – they are made from safe materials and don't contain BPA. 

  • Healthy minerals
    Mg2+, Ca2+
  • No limescale
    Fresh tasty water
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