AQUAPHOR commercial solutions at ISH, Frankfurt

Мар 13, 2019

From the 11th to the 15th of March AQUAPHOR will exhibit our professional filters line at ISH Frankfurt - the leading trade fair for appliances focusing on management of water and energy in buildings.

Сomfort at home comes with the joy of clean tap water for drinking, cooking and living. It also comes from a refreshing shower and easier household chores with an unobtrusive cost. Clean water is a part of the business in HoReCa, serving multiple goals in farming and medical industries, and is necessary for educational and other public organizations.

The Aquaphor Professional division focuses on raising everyday water experiences wherever water filtration should occur: at a private house or in a huge hospital.

Aquaphor RO-203 HoReCa

This reverse osmosis system for commercial application features patented retentate recirculation system and a unique automatic membrane scrubbing system. Minimizes water discharged down the drain.


Housing made of stainless steel comes in three sizes and lasts many years. CarbFiber in-line filters keep your skin safe from chlorine, iron and toxic waterborne compounds.


20" and 10" housing for mechanical purification of cold water. Can be equipped with sediment filters of different types and porosity to protect home appliances from solid particles such as sand, rust and other contaminants.

Professional membrane systems

Compact “plug and play” reverse osmosis units for commercial applications: APRO-HS-1000 APRO-MCR-80 APRO-M-1000 (with stainless steel frame and equipment panel) RO-M-300 Black Edition (can fit a tight budget) Crystal DiPro (compact solution for water demineralization)
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