The chase for Magnesium

Авг 6, 2018

Fresh leafy greens and culinary herbs contain a vast number of vital nutrients. One of them is magnesium, which we need to replenish daily to sleep well at night while feeling active and cheerful during the day.

Stress leaches magnesium, but the scope of harmful consequences is mostly underestimated. The same effect is caused by daily consumption of coffee, tea, highly-caffeinated beverages and desserts. Unfortunately, sugar facilitates the loss of magnesium. A wide range of popular pharmaceuticals including diuretics, heart disease drugs, asthma medications and birth control pills decrease magnesium levels. Remember, alcohol is a diuretic too.

Food supplements can be a solution, but you should be mindful of the minerals contained within these tablets, capsules and powders to make sure you have an appropriate balance in your body.

For a more sustainable result, keep track of both minerals intake and loss prevention. Balancing emotions is much easier through regular exercise. An equally valuable option to reduce stress is yoga and meditation in particular.

Still, food accounts for the major part of minerals intake. The fiber-rich greens support the beneficial bacteria inside our guts. Else they provide magnesium and other nutrients like calcium, pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, folate and potassium. Making an effort to eat raw greens and vegetables daily always pays off. Spinach, kale, artichokes, parsley and arugula are essential for a healthy diet. Magnesium-rich foods also include whole grains, especially brown rice and buckwheat, as well as beans and nuts.

Do we get magnesium from water? Yes, we do. This ability of magnesium is unique and other minerals, like calcium, can not be assimilated by the body when coming with tap water. We have already discussed, that preserving natural magnesium in water or delicately enriching water, is a way to provide an additional portion of this necessary mineral. With this idea the Aquaphor filters А5-Mg and В25-Mg have been created. They not only provide water purification, but also enrich tap water with magnesium up to 30% of the recommended daily value.

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