ECO H Pro includes an innovative 2-in-1 cartridge Pro 1, a carbon block unit Pro 2 and an ultrafiltration hollow fiber Pro UF unit for enhanced antibacterial protection against viruses, bacteria and cysts. Cartridges of Pro series are the most progressive solution for the fine filtration.

The 2-in-1 prefiltration cartridge Pro 1 acts as two cartridges for effective filtration of coarse particles like sand and rust.

The Pro UF cartridge combines ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane and sorption unit. Ultrafiltration membrane removes tiniest microparticles up to 0.01 microns, including viruses, bacteria and cysts. The process doesn’t involve any chemical additives, so the drinking water is absolutely safe for children. The sorption part of the cartridge filters out dissolved contaminants.

The ECO H Pro system removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, oil products, and other common toxins and allergens in tap water, as well as viruses and other microbial contaminants.
Filter life, L
2 L/min
Filtration rate

ECO H Pro UF product suits

Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria, phenols, hard water minerals.

Hard water minerals
Organic compounds
Heavy metals

Features and equipment

Features — 12
  • Replacing cartridges without tools yes
  • Drinking water tap yes
  • Regeneration required

Equipment — 10
  • Replacement filter cartridge Pro 1 1 pc
  • Replacement filter cartridge Pro H 1 pc
  • Replacement filter cartridge Pro UF 1 pc
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