To create the world`s best solutions for making water of the highest quality available to every person on Earth.

We continue the constant perfection of our products for home and business water filtration.

We develop future technologies that will exceed expectations in purification within various water challenges.

We design processes that will deliver tailored and affordable solutions to improve the health of people around the world.
Passion for science
Thirst for R&D
Ecological footprint in mind
Making the ideal a reality

AQUAPHOR in the world

production sites
100 +
people in R&D centre
patents globally
countries of export
27 years
of research
1,6 M
water filter jug modules a month
400 +
3 000+

The AQUAPHOR journey

Technological Institute of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Founded in 1828.

Joseph L. Shmidt, CEO of AQUAPHOR Group, is a globally minded person. Prior to AQUAPHOR, he spent more than a decade in chemical engineering study and research: from the Leningrad Institute of Technology (USSR) to the Polytechnic Institute of New York and concluding with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University.

AQUAPHOR became a fearless international venture that has roots from the early-90's — a great time to push boundaries and build our own experience within the industry of water filtration.
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The journey
Joseph Shmidt: hunt for knowledge
Joseph Shmidt, the future CEO of AQUAPHOR, studies for 4 years at the Leningrad Institute of Technology.
Research at the Chemical Engineering Department, Columbia University.
Master`s degree in chemical engineering, Columbia University, New York.
Biofiltration Technology, Inc., New Jersey, is founded by Joseph Shmidt together with Mario Badiali, a chemical engineer from Switzerland.

Joseph Shmidt is a co-founder of Membrex Inc., membrane products and fluid treatment systems production for industrial markets.

Later, Membrex was acquired by OSMONICS, a General Electric water division.
PhD in chemical engineering, Columbia University, New York.

Electrophor, Inc. is created together with partners Mario Bondiali and Huk Yuk Cheh, Columbia University professor and PhD in Chemical Engineering, University California, Berkeley.

Joseph is the President of the company.


Electrophor sets up a research laboratory in Dobbs Ferry, NY, where the first prototypes for the US markets are created.

The future backbone of the AQUAPHOR team starts to form.
The Wild East

1992 Joseph Shmidt founds AQUAPHOR Corporation as a division of Electrophor, Inc. The new startup ventures into the research and production of water filters in Russia.

First AQUAPHOR product – the faucet filtration system Aquaphor B300 is launched.

AQUAPHOR sets up its own laboratory in St.Petersburg, Russia. Own production line is ready to perform mass production of the first generation of the Aqualen™ sorbent.

Products are certified by Scitec Research (Lausanne, Switzerland).
Obtains the first patent in Russia.

Aquaphor B150 becomes a сategory pioneer for stationary under-counter purifiers with a separate faucet in Russia.

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Mass production of activated Aqualen™ sorbent.

1995 AQUAPHOR launches a division in China.

Own laboratory controls the quality of the raw materials and tests the ion-exchange resin, tie-in sections, faucets.

Modern is the new product launched and produced by AQUAPHOR.

Obtains the first patent in the US.

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The technology of CarbFiber Block cartridges with Aqualen™ is developed.

First filter pitcher and the original AQUAPHOR cartridge B100-1 are produced.

A range of new patents are registered in the USA.

Company debut at Aquatech, Amsterdam.
Launch of the first, and the only in Russia, extrusion production line for the first generation of CarbFiber Block cartridges.
The plant gets its first moulding machine for under-the-counter water purifiers.
Rethinking the water filtration

The second generation of a unique sorbent agent Aqualen™ 2 is developed. All sorption mixes containing Aqualen™ are patented.

Production capacities are substantially expanded at the St. Petersburg plant.
AQUAPHOR water filters are available in Europe, Singapore and Vietnam.
First in the world CarbFiber blocks (CBF) are presented to international water industry professionals at Aquatech, Amsterdam.

AQUAPHOR launches its first home drinking water purifier with cutting-edge hollow fiber technology.

Hollow fiber is a chemical-free shield, that cuts off 99.99% of bacteria and cysts.
ISO 9001:2000 certificate is received (TUV NORD, Germany)

Water filter production plant starts operations at Ust-Izhora, St. Petersburg.

Recertification with ISO 9001:2008.
The first water-on-water RO collection tank is patented.

The first generation of the future flagship product AQUAPHOR RO-101S Morion drinking water machine is put to market.

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AQUAPHOR obtains its 50th patent.
The new plant for Aqualen™ production is put in operation in Zavolzhsk, Russia.
Research and experiments to create our own hollow fiber production. The developed technology is later protected by patents.
Launch of a new filter cartridge production line at a new manufacturing plant in Sillamae, Estonia.

NSF58 certification for the AQUAPHOR RO-101S Morion, the innovative reverse osmosis system.

RO-101S Morion is introduced to the US market thanks to an agreement with Hague Quality Water (USA).

New carbon block factory is put in operation in Narva, Estonia.

— Toomas H. Ilves, the President of Estonia from 2006 until 2016, visits new facility


The AQUAPHOR RO-201 is created, the first model in the newest generation of AQUAPHOR osmosis membrane purifiers.

Learn more Recertification with ISO 9001:2008.

Production of the AQUAPHOR А100, a jug cartridge that uses hollow fiber technology.

Water softener А800 is developed in collaboration with Hague Quality Water (USA).
Internally designed line for unique blown water filter jugs is constructed at the plant in Ust Izhora, St. Petersburg.

The latest ISO 9001:2015 certificate is received.

ISO guarantees compliance with the highest international standards to provide a strong customer focus, the process approach and continual improvement.
Network of dealers hits the 60 countries mark.

J.SHMIDT 500 – the launch of the first mobile system for deep water purification.

Learn more The J.SHMIDT brand reflects the essence of technical perfection created during 25 years of R&D at AQUAPHOR.


From the very beginning, AQUAPHOR saw itself as a part of the world business community. Today, this group of companies unites R&D and production sites in Russia, Estonia, USA, Israel and China.

Quality control and International Certification

The entire production process is completely under the control of the AQUAPHOR group. In our laboratories, equipped with sophisticated facilities, researchers create new sorbents and check every supply of materials. Our engineers design and build manufacturing lines and pick the best machinery available.


All key technologies are the intellectual property of AQUAPHOR. The company has 130 patents globally over the history of its existence and keeps adding more.

Our own research facilities are the driving force, which shapes the distinctive qualities of the AQUAPHOR filters compared to other brands: they purify longer and they filter more contaminates at greater efficiency. They utilize a maximum of the sorbent potential, remove a wide range of hazardous water impurities, are aesthetically attractive and easy to maintain.

Commercial solutions

The AQUAPHOR corporation is an expert both in home and commercial water filtration. Powerful RO filters for business are produced by the AQUAPHOR Professional division.

Large amounts of clean water are needed for HoReCa, agriculture, independent laboratories, FMCG production including food, personal care and cosmetics. Clients from the social sphere include schools, hospitals, theatres, etc, each with their unique needs for water quality.
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