Stainless steel filter housing of in-line whole house purification system Aquaphor Viking. Aimed on reducing sediment, chlorine and lead in your every tap depending on the filter. Can be equipped with sediment or carbon-fiber filters of different porosity and flow rate.

Designed for easier installation and maintenance. Withstands high pressure in water main. Lasts for up to ten years.
Filter life
Filtration rate

Contaminant reduction

Aquaphor Viking will remove:
- chlorine and chloroform;
- VOC;
- large organics;
- solids (incl. colloidal iron and silica);
- heavy metals.

Technical specifications

Size: 425 х 180 х 180 cm
Filter life Up to 100000L.
Working Pressure Up to 6,2 atm.
Water Temperature +5 to +40 °C (41–100 °F)
Replacement Cartridges B150 Plus, B520-13, B520-14
Housing Material Stainless Steel

Replacement filters

Filter life
up to 100 000 L
Whole house filters
Filtration rate
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