Aquaphor RO-31

The Aquaphor RO-31 reverse osmosis system is breaking all the rules with a very unique means of providing the ultra-fresh and pure drinking water. You can observe how quickly the drops of delicious and clean water are filling the jug that has replaced the gigantic traditional reverse osmosis storage tank. An extreme space-saving design makes RO-31 a true catch for compact kitchens.

Main features of Aquaphor RO-31:
- Compactness and ergonomic design
- Up to 4 liters of fresh drinking water collected in a handy jug
- Higher water efficiency and speed of filtration
- Operates at low tap pressure without an electric pump
- Optimizes Calcium and Magnesium concentration, depending on the initial water hardness.
- Additional jugs allow stacking your drinking water reserves: for example, to keep a jug of cold water in the fridge.
Healthy minerals
Mg2+, Ca2+
Filtration speed
380 L/day

The power of small

The no-tank concept makes the Aquaphor RO-31 reverse osmosis purifier the smallest full function RO on the market which takes very little space under the sink while providing tasty and absolutely safe, soft and odorless water, no matter the initial water quality.

Reasons to love having a reverse osmosis system

Maximum safety for drinking water
Reverse osmosis (RO) purifiers reject even the tiniest amounts of impurities in tap water making it safe to drink and cook with. In addition to common contaminants, RO systems remove fluoride, cysts, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics and hormones. The best choice for someone with a sensitive health.
Reduces hardness and limescale
Coffee makers, electric kettles, and all kind of kitchen appliances suffer from scale build-ups and film in hard water. The most effective method to deal with scale is reverse osmosis. build-up and chalky off-taste.
Improves the taste of food and drinks
Removes the off-tastes of chlorine and chalk in water making every meal and drink more delicious. This system makes water ideal for cooking.
Quick access to fresh drinking water
The RO system collects fresh drinking water for future use, filling up the storage tank within 15- 60 minutes depending on tap pressure, water mineralisation and temperature.

How RO-31 works

With Aquaphor RO-31 water undergoes the same treatment stages as at the water treatment plant, including the preliminary purification stage, membrane separation and final conditioning with remineralization.

No special maintenance is required between changing the filters.

The prefiltration block should be replaced every 6 months, membrane filter - every 1.5 years.

With Click&Turn technology even a child can replace filters with no risk of contacting the filtered matter.

What it filters

Fully removes: all possible allergens such as chlorine, pollen, sediment, heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, organic compounds, remains of drugs including antibiotics and hormones, pesticides, phenols, microbial and organic contamination.

Water minerals: reduces excessive water hardness, provides perfectly clean and soft drinking water with a beneficial mineral balance of Magnesium and Calcium.

*not all contaminants may be present in your water.


If you haven't used your RO 31 water purifier for more than a week, empty the storage tank and let it get filled from zero. Use freshly filtered water, long-term clean water storage is not recommended

The frequency at which the filter and membrane cartridges should be replaced depends on the quality of the water that it purifies. Contact your water treatment specialist for replacement filters.

Using a reverse osmosis system in pair with a pre-filter or whole house filter will greatly increase the life of its filters.

Technical specification:

- Tank filling time: 15-60 minutes (depending on the water temperature and salinity)
- Min operating tap pressure: 0.15 MPa (1.5 bar)
- Storage: built-in 5 L (1 gallon) water-on-water tank
- Highly efficient, built-in electric pump
- Water mineralization with Mg and Ca
- Size under sink (height × length × width): 265 × 365 × 100 mm (10.4 х 14.3 х 3.9 inches)
- Set includes: К5, К2, КO-100S, mineralizer

Replacement filters

Undercounter filters
Filtering type
Sorbtion treatment and purification
Undercounter filters
Filtering type
Mechanical pre-filter
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