Aquaphor Favorite is a reliable and durable drinking water system with a stainless-steel housing and the longest filter life among Aquaphor under counter systems. Deep purification and long-lasting filtration capacity make it a viable solution for drinking water problems not only for domestic use but also for small cafes.
Advantages of Aquaphor Favorite filter:
- sturdy stainless-steel housing
- easy installation and maintenance in hard-to-reach places
- the longest life cycle among similar water treatment systems
- preserves the natural water mineralization
Filter life
Filtration rate

Contaminant reduction

Aquaphor Favorite dramatically reduces harmful substances found in tap water. They include:

- sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen
- chlorine and chloroform
- metals and heavy metals: colloidal iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
- petrochemicals
- phenols
- large bacteria

It does not remove water hardness (limescale).

Technical specifications

Size: 180x200 mm
Filter life: 12 000 l
Filtration efficiency: 2.5 L/min (0.66 Gal/min)
Weight: 4 kg
Water temperature: 5–38 °C (41–100 °F)
pH after system: 6 - 7
Replacement filters: B150
Replace: every 12 months
Faucet: Separate for clean water

Replacement filters

Filter life
12000 L
Undercounter filters
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