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Reliable and extremely effective water filters for real world conditions.

Best filter jugs

For many filter jug is a first step towards a healthier life with filtered water.

Best of the pack replacement filters

We try to exceed external quality requirements and provide truly reliable protection against water problems.

Innovative under counter systems

One of a kind reverse osmosis systems and advanced drinking water systems.

Quality control at every stage


How to make the world’s best filters? It takes efficient technologies, the right materials and quality control at all stages of production (process).

Since 2006 Aquaphor has been constantly updating the ISO9001 quality management system certification. In July 2018 Aquaphor received the latest ISO 9001:2015 compliance re-certification. Our filters have NSF certification as well.

Each of our 80+ patents represents a scientific discovery or invention which increases the effectiveness of your water filter. Everything that we acquire for the production of filters — such as plastics, activated carbon and resins — undergoes strict quality control.

Although we only work with the best international suppliers (e.g. BASF, John Guest, Mitsubishi, Purolite), Aquaphor Research Center examines every batch of acquired materials and constantly monitors the quality of the product.

If you want something done right...


From idea to product — we do everything ourselves. The entire production process is carried out in our facilities. In-house production is the only way to make the highest quality filters for you. After all, our own production allows us to:
— Use higher-quality materials and efficient technologies without making filters expensive;
— Constantly improve filters using new developments;
— Control quality at all stages of production to make more reliable filters;
— Better meet your expectations.

Not just a water filter

When talking about clean drinking water we do not live in the best conditions... worn out pipework, accidents, deteriorating ecology, etc. A proper water filter should take care of all these concerns and protect your health in any situation. But is every water filter capable?

Creating Aquaphor water filters, we were looking for ways to eliminate the drawbacks of conventional filters: how to purify every drop of water, how to remove heavy metals, how to improve the efficiency while at the same time extend the life of the filter. As a result of our research and experiments, we have developed the technology to create durable and extremely effective water filters that are easy to use in real-world conditions.

An international group of companies


Back in 1990 Electrophor, Inc. was founded in NY, USA by Joseph Shmidt, PhD in Chemical Engineering and future CEO of AQUAPHOR. Electrophor Inc. has been created together with two partners Mario Bondialiali, an engineer from Switzerland and Huk Yuk Cheh, Columbia University professor and PhD in Chemical Engineering. Currently, J.Shmidt is the President of Electrophor Inc.

In 1992 the AQUAPHOR Corp. is established in Saint Petersburg as a division of Electrophor Inc. to venture into research and production of water filters in Russia. Another filter manufacturing subsidiary of Electrophor Inc. in Europe is Westaqua (Estonia) with its production sites in Narva and Sillamae.

All the affiliated AQUAPHOR companies share a passion for research and our international teams every day create more effective technologies for water treatment so that everyone worldwide can benefit from easy access to safe drinking water.

More than 16 million families from 44 countries are already benefiting from the use of AQUAPHOR products.

Press about us

- “Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine": Fourth generation water-on-water reverse-osmosis systems(October 2015)

- “Water Technology" (November - December 2015): Mineralization of home RO water permeate: part 1, part 2

- "Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine": "A Comparison Study of Activated Carbon Blocks for POU/POE Applications" (June 2016)

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