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Filter jugs are at-home jug-style versions of a gravity water filter, where unfiltered water is driven through filtration media by gravity. Compact, light and budget-friendly filter jugs are the best option for students, tenants and small families. They do not require installation or complex maintenance.

A new jug always comes with a replacement cartridge.

What are filter jugs and what are the main differences between them?

There are many filter jugs on the market to suit every taste. To buy the right water filter, you need to consider the following:

  • the number of users: the larger the family, the greater the water consumption;
  • water volumes: the choice of a filter with a particular cartridge life depends on how much is spent on drinking and cooking;
  • size of the kitchen: if there is little space, you need to pay attention to the most compact models;

The main differences between the filter jug models:


Larger models are suitable for families and those inviting friends over for dinner. Smaller ones suit small kitchens.

Cartridge life

This value shows how many liters of water can be filtered before replacing a cartridge. It depends on the cartridge type, the number of users and the quality of the water at home.

Housing material

The jugs are made from safe, food-grade plastic. In the AQUAPHOR line, some models (Provence, Onyx and J.SHMIDT 500) are made from the shock-resistant copolyester Tritan™.

Replacement cartridges

Different cartridges fit different models, so you need to pay attention to their relevance.


All filter jugs are quite budget-friendly, because they are less productive compared to under-sink filters. The price depends on the characteristics of the product line. The choice should be based on your needs.

What’s inside a filter jug?

Inside the cartridge, filter media is packed tightly. The mixture contains coconut shell activated carbon and ion-exchange resin.

  • Activated carbon eliminates harmful impurities: chlorine and its dangerous compounds, pesticides and other toxic substances. The water becomes clear, without any smell and taste. Coconut shell is the best material for the carbon mixture manufacturing, this way it is much more efficient.

  • Resin reduces water hardness and prevents scale formation.

AQUAPHOR filter jugs also contain a secret ingredient: a unique patented AQUALEN microfiber that retains heavy metal ions. It also helps water to evenly pass through the entire mixture inside the cartridge for better filtration.

How to choose an AQUAPHOR filter jug?

It all boils down to the number of users, free space and personal lifestyle.

For a large family and those who often have friends coming over

It is better to choose jugs with a bigger funnel and the general volume (e.g., Onyx Plus). Also, the cartridge life should be considered — the bigger it is, the less often you’ll have to replace it.

For home with kids

It is recommended to choose a shatterproof jug, this way it’s safer for the baby. For example, AQUAPHOR Provence is perfectly resistant to falls and scratches.

For a small kitchen

AQUAPHOR offers ultra-compact filter jugs that take up minimum space on the table and fit in the fridge door: have a look at Real and Smile.

For fans of new technologies

We have a very special electronic jug with an increased amount of filter mixture and a built-in micropump for faster filtration — J.SHMIDT 500 mobile filtration system with hollow fiber for protection against bacterial contamination. It allows you to safely drink water without boiling.

How often do you need to change a cartridge?

It is very important to change the cartridges on time, so that clean water is always at hand.

For example, B15 lasts around 1-1.5 months, Maxfor — approximately 1.5-2 months, A5 — up to 3 months. Some jug models have calendars or counters for an easier understanding of the remaining cartridge life.

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