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The AQUAPHOR RO PRO 100 is a water purifier which treats tap water into hot and cold high quality drinking water.

The system completely replaces premium bottled water as it filters out contaminants, including toxic substances, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, bacteria and viruses. Hardness salts are completely removed from the water, making hot drinks taste better and extending the life of your coffee machine or kettle.

The RO membrane is protected by the innovative cartridge Pro 1 that combines mechanical and sorption filtration. Patented CarbFiber block technology and increased AQUALEN™ fiber content in the prefiltration zone efficiently reduce iron (Fe2+ and Fe3+).

The sorption zone cuts the impurities down to 3 microns and irreversibly binds toxic impurities like heavy metals, phenols, pesticides, chlorine, and others. It also ensures the longer life of the membrane.

The ECO function automatically turns off the hot water heater as the sensors detect darkness and turns it on when there is more light around the system.

Filtered water enriched with Calcium and Magnesium for better taste and health benefits.

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Dispenser AQUAPHOR RO PRO 100
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