Under-sink water filters

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An under-sink filter is installed under the kitchen counter and connected to the water pipes. A tap for clean water is the only part of the filtration system on display. Most often, this is a multi-stage filter with several cartridges performing different functions.

An under-sink drinking water filter is the best solution for a family. It is more productive than a filter jug, allowing for purification of high water volumes for preparing home-cooked meals and drinks.

How to choose a proper under-counter filter?

The choice depends on the purpose of water treatment and the quality of municipal water. There is a number of problems and solutions. If you doubt the quality of your tap water, you can take the sample to the lab for testing and see what exactly is wrong.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) is the most advanced water treatment technology. With an RO filter, you get fresh drinking water any time you need. Also, forget about plastic waste: no more disposable bottles decomposing for hundreds of years.

The main component of an RO filtration system is a special membrane. It removes hardness salts, and the water becomes perfectly soft. Protection against scale saves you the trouble of constantly repairing household appliances.

Any reverse osmosis filter has a mineralization unit for the balanced water composition.

Under-sink flow-through filters

In adsorption filters, the “main character” is coconut shell activated carbon in the form of carbon block. It adsorbs harmful impurities like chlorine and its compounds, phenols, trace pharmaceuticals, etc.

Under-sink filters with hollow fiber (HF)

Some filters contain HF membrane. It provides reliable protection against bacteria without the use of any chemical additives. The filtered unboiled water is absolutely safe for drinking and preparing baby food.

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