The Aquaphor Jasper water jug is a friendly looking helpful resident in your kitchen. It is convenient to use and store in the refrigerator door for even greater space efficiency.

Jasper water filter jug is equipped with the MAXFOR+ replacement filter. It reduces chlorine, rust, lead and other contaminants found in tap water with a greater price/quality ratio compared to other popular brands. The MAXFOR+ has the popular oval fit and suits classic jugs of other brands made in EU or the US.
Filter life, L
Filter jug capacity, L

Jasper Plus 2.8L product suits

Features and equipment

Features — 6
  • Filter jug capacity, L 2,8
  • Filter life indicator mechanical
  • Filter life, L 200

Equipment — 4
  • Maxfor+ 1 pc
  • Jug 1 pc
  • Funnel 1 pc

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