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Advantages of under-sink water filters

In flow-through filters, water is filtered using coconut shell activated carbon. It adsorbs harmful impurities while water flows through the filter. This process is called sorption purification. Most popular types are flow-through sorption fine filters with a separate faucet, which are installed in the kitchen under the sink.

Any household under-sink filter eliminates an unpleasant water taste and smell, protects you from chlorine, petrochemicals and pesticides. Below are the types of drinking water filters that will protect you from harmful impurities.

Hollow fiber membrane filters

Hollow fiber is the finest porous fiber that acts like a sieve filtering out microparticles. This technology is necessary in the following cases:

  • you want to drink unboiled filtered water;
  • you have small kids;
  • you don’t want to pay extra for “baby-friendly” bottled water to make baby food or formula.

Filters with polypropylene cartridges

They remove sand, silt, rust and prevent clogging of fine filtration cartridges. You will need to change the first cartridge that protects the rest of them more often than once a year if the quality of water is really poor, so using a carbon cartridge as a first step of cleaning is impractical.

Reverse osmosis filters

Unlike softening sorption filters that are suitable only for water with the low content of hardness salts, RO systems completely remove such salts from hard and very hard water.

If the filter is used by more than 5 people every day, it is better to choose a model with a longer filter life. For example, AQUAPHOR Favorite will provide you with 12 thousand liters of quality water.

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