Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Replacement cartridges for water filters are the key part of any water filtration system. By swapping them in a timely manner you’re ensuring the best water quality your purifier can provide. Make sure to always follow the owner’s manual regarding filter replacement procedure and maintenance intervals.

Why Choose Aquaphor Filtering Cartridges?

Aquaphor filters make tap water significantly safer for your health by reducing harmful substances that may be present in your water supply. They also never release the accumulated contaminants back into your water. When the filtration capacity is depleted, Aquaphor filters just continue passing the water through, but without proper purification.

All Aquaphor filter cartridges contain unique absorption media. It consists of the carbon and fibrous chelating (bonding) material AqualenTM. This makes Aquaphor filter cartridges exceptionally efficient at purifying tap water of different hardness and contamination levels.

AqualenTM components contain activated silver which boosts the bacteriostatic qualities of Aquaphor cartridges. Among other things, Aquaphor filter cartridges:

  • Effectively reduce silt, eliminate rust and chlorine as well;
  • Purify tap water of the tiniest traces of heavy metals. Your water will be free of lead, copper and mercury traces;
  • Are an efficient countermeasure against organic compounds. Regardless of whether there are pesticides, phenols or even the remnants of pharmaceuticals, Aquaphor filters effortlessly remove them;
  • Have a safe design which prevents you from contact with the filtered contaminants. Consumer safety is paramount at Aquaphor.

Features & Benefits

Aquaphor cartridges provide the most accessible and efficient water filtering process with the following advantages:

  • Pitcher replacement cartridges combine durability, speed of filtration and superior filtration quality.
  • Under-sink replacement filters are more reliable and trap even the tiniest concentration of toxins, like heavy metals.
  • Aquaphor whole-house filters are a perfect fit for customized water filtration systems. A broad variety of filter options address your specific water issues. They also have less impact on tap pressure.
  • Some Aquaphor replacement filters can even be used with products of other brands (like Brita, BigBlue, etc).

How to Choose

  1. Define your water characteristics and the chemicals you wish to remove from your tap water to begin choosing the type of cartridges;
  2. Pick the required type of cartridge based on your needs. Some models enrich the potable water with magnesium, some reduce the water hardness, others protect from bacteria and viruses;
  3. Or you can employ universal options.

That essentially is, how you choose the most fitting option for your water filtering purposes. Aquaphor filtration products are multipurpose systems. They allow you to combine different modules to provide the most appropriate and customized solution for the water filtration needs.

Just keep in mind your filter model (for under-sink systems) or the pitcher size (for jug filters or drinking water filters) when choosing the cartridge to make a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle.

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