Iron removal

Iron gets into wells and groundwater wells with the underground waters

If the permissible level of 0.3 mg/l is exceeded, special purification is required.

Water that contains too much iron causes allergies and can lead to blood diseases.

Iron in water leads to the stubborn stains on washed clothes, tiles and white plumbing.

Iron-containing water leads to bacterial growth and causes corrosion of parts of the household appliances: washing machines, steam cookers, mixers and electric kettles. High concentration of iron in water negatively affects the looks and well-being of a person using it: teeth and skin turn yellow, hair color fades, digestive disorders appear.

Leave your water outdoors for a few hours to detect an increased iron content in it

If there is too much iron, there will be a reddish sediment, the water will have a yellow tint and unpleasant metallic taste.

There is a number of ways to remove iron from water

Most often, water contains dissolved iron. It oxidizes and then forms a sediment which is easy to remove.

  • Settling. It is the easiest way to remove rust and iron from water. Water is collected in a container, oxidation occurs, and iron forms a sediment at the bottom. This method of water purification is inconvenient and takes a long time.
  • Aeration. You can use oxygen to remove iron from water, but only if its concentration is over 5 mg/l. The oxygen put into water reacts with dissolved iron, hydrogen sulfide and excessive carbon dioxide. As a result, iron is oxidized and forms flaky sediment, gases evaporate. After aeration, the sediment can be removed from water using a sorption or an ion exchange filter.
  • Sediment filter. A popular means of iron elimination. The system includes a plastic case containing a filler that oxidizes iron and turns it into a sediment. The filter medium retains the formed sediment, and water gets pure.
  • Ion exchange filter.Effectively removes iron, manganese and hardness salts from water. In a filter, it passes through a layer of ion exchange resin. As a result, iron, calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by sodium ions, water is purified and softened.

Undissolved, or colloidal iron in water is also quite common. The finest iron particles neither form a sediment nor can be removed by most pre-filters. A combination of ion exchange filters and pre-filters is used to remove iron in this form.

Standard solutions

How can I remove iron and hardness salts from well water?

We recommend WaterBoss systems to remove iron and hardness salts from water.

They soften water and remove iron from it, provided that the concentration of hardness salts does not exceed 24 mg/l, for iron max. is 10 mg/l. Household appliances work longer without failures in soft water.

The water in the house contains too much iron and manganese. How can I get rid of them?

Iron and manganese can be effectively removed with WaterMax iron removers. They eliminate iron, hardness salts, manganese, nitrates and organic impurities. Bakteristat technology applied in the filter prevents bacteria from growth.

After treatment with WaterMax filter, water can be used for showering and washing dishes. To make it potable, we recommend buying and installing a drinking water machine or a reverse osmosis system.

Water from a groundwater well smells bad, has a metallic taste and leaves a yellow sediment. How can it be purified so that it would be safe to drink?

After removal of solid particles, iron and hardness salts, water can be turned into potable using reverse osmosis systems and drinking water machines.

For example, AQUAPHOR RO-101S Morion filter removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides and organic impurities. After passing through it, water can be safely used the for baby food preparation.

How can I remove rust particles from water?

To remove rust and other mechanical impurities, we recommend using pre-filters.

Pre-filter AQUAPHOR Gross with a polypropylene cartridge eliminates rust, sand, silt and other undissolved particles over 10 microns.

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