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The AQUAPHOR Glass jug is designed to be an interior accent while ensuring thorough water filtration for fresh and delicious water.

The AQUAPHOR Maxfor+ cartridge comes in a package with the Glass jug and effectively removes active chlorine, heavy metals like lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, microplastics, and many other contaminants commonly found in city tap water.

The jug housing is made of high-quality glass that is dishwasher safe and free from cadmium or lead.

The jug, weighing less than 1.3 kg without water, boasts a stable round shape to prevent accidental spills.
Filter life, L
Filter jug capacity, L

Glass ㅤ

This product contains a recyclable filter

All Aquaphor water filter jug filters, as well as City bottle filters can be recycled in the UK


Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, rust, organic compounds, heavy metals, phenols.

Organic compounds
Heavy metals

Features and equipment

Features — 5
  • Filter jug capacity, L 2,5
  • Filter life indicator mechanical
  • Filter life, L 200

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