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Gross 20"
Gross 20"

Housing for cold water reinforced with silicate glass fibers for more durability

£ 59.99
Gross 10"
Gross 10"

Housing for cold water reinforced with silicate glass fibers for more durability

£ 45.99

What are prefilters

Prefilter (a preliminary water filter) is installed in a place where the water line enters the house or apartment. Most often prefilters receive water from the public water supply system or are part of the water treatment system in a cottage.

How prefilters work

Prefiltration basically means mechanical water treatment: prefilters remove large particles like sand, rust and silt. Prefilters with carbon cartridges also remove chlorine, benzene, phenols, heavy metals and pesticides from water.

After pretreatment, water becomes more clear and odorless, but is still not suitable for drinking.

Advantages of prefilters

Installation of a prefilter solves different tap water problems:

  • extends the service life of plumbing equipment;

  • removes a film of rust;

  • reduces the risk of damage to washing machines, dishwashers, boilers and water heaters;

  • makes washing and showering more comfortable, improves skin and hair condition: purified water causes less skin irritation even for young children and people with allergy;

  • protects a drinking water filter from clogging.

How to choose a prefilter

How much water should be treated monthly?

Look at the meter readings to understand how much water you spend during a month. This will help you determine the right size of housing, right cartridge and frequency of replacement.

Selecting a prefilter installation place

Determine the place of installation and appropriate size of the filter. Typically, to replace the cartridge, you need to detach the bottom of the housing along with the cartridge itself from the top. Leave some room under the filter.

If the installation place is difficult to access, it’s better to choose prefilters with metal pipe coupling – they are easier to install.

Prefilter for cold or hot water?

The housing and the replaceable cartridge must support the relevant temperatures. Cold water temperature ranges from +5 to +35°C, hot water goes above +35°C.

By the way, if the hot water supply at your home is centralized, keep in mind that hot water is dirtier than cold water.

Stages of water treatment

To remove sand, rust, silt or any other mechanical impurities, a prefilter with the polypropylene cartridge is enough. The carbon cartridge provides deeper water treatment: it removes chlorine, benzene, phenols, pesticides and heavy metals. After fine filtration, water neither dries out the skin nor causes allergies. However, maintenance of such filter is more expensive.

We will advise you on a prefilter that will improve the water quality at your home.

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