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The AQUAPHOR Every Fit replacement cartridge lasts for 200 L and has a universal shape. It fits popular water filter jugs including Brita® Maxtra+, PerfectFit, AquaOptima™ and Wilko Aqua Advanced.

The cartridge provides comprehensive protection against a range of impurities commonly found in tap water. It improves water taste and odour while reducing the speed of scale formation in hard water. Also filter cartridge effectively reduces water hardness, chlorine, heavy metals, iron, pesticides, organic compounds, and other contaminants.

The AQUAPHOR Every Fit contains Aqualen™, the patented ion-exchange microfibre with the surface area 33 times larger than that in conventional ion-exchange materials used in water filters. Combined with the high-density extra-fine carbon absorbents, it assures an exceptionally high purification performance. Aqualen™ irreversibly binds heavy metal ions, including lead, iron, mercury.
Recycle your Aquaphor filter

All Aquaphor water filter jug filters, as well as City bottle filters can be recycled in the UK


Features and equipment

Features — 2
  • Filter life, L 200
  • Removes chlorine yes

Every Fit (12 cartridges)

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Every Fit (12 cartridges)-1
Every Fit (12 cartridges)
Every Fit (3 cartridges)-2
Every Fit (3 cartridges)
Every Fit (6 cartridges)-3
Every Fit (6 cartridges)
Every Fit (12 cartridges)
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