The latest addition to the lineup of top-quality water filtration products is the AQUAPHOR City filter bottle. With this innovative product, you can enjoy a constant supply of clean, filtered water by simply filling the bottle with tap water. Join us in saving both money and the environment. Start filtering your water today.

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Veepuhastussüsteemid -15%
Filterkannud -20%

AQUAPHOR Thermos Bottle

AQUAPHOR Thermos Bottle - a lightweight and stylish stainless steel thermos that keeps your drink hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 6 hours when needed.

Enjoy purified water in every corner of your home!

High-performance, reliable, and economical filtration systems — everything you need for a comfortable life.

Premium filter. Pure water!

A greater future means pushing the limits of today. We constantly challenge the current state of water purification to introduce you to simple things – a refreshing sip of water, flavorful dinner with people you love, revitalizing shower, soft touch of home textiles.

Welcome to the world of Aquaphor clean water perfection.

A blown jug to blow away water impurities

10 glasses of fresh drinking water in a gracefully shaped design.

Drink it clean. Drink it fresh.

Reduce common tap water contaminants and cut-off the bacteria in tap water. Great water for sensitive health.

The excellence of homemade water

Enjoy exceptional water safety and the improved taste of drinks and food.

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