RO-150S is a reverse osmosis membrane for drinking water with the perfornance up to 568 L/day or 23.7 L/hour (150 Gal/day).

The membrane completely removes hardness salts from the water, providing long-lasting anti-scale protection for home appliances like coffee machine, kettle, iron or steamer.

RO membrane technology rejects even the tiniest amounts of impurities in tap water making it safe to drink and cook with. In addition to common contaminants, RO membranes remove nitrates and nitrites, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, hormones and many other potential waterborne threats.

RO-150S membrane suits AQUAPHOR RO-206S reverse osmosis purifier.

Features and equipment

Features — 5
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance, GPD 150
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance, L/day 568
  • Removes viruses yes

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