This RO-206s reverse osmosis system for commercial application features patented retentate recirculation system and unique automatic membrane scrubbing system.

Advantages of RO-206s:
• recovery up to 80%
• 300 GPD filtration rate
• highly efficient, built-in electric pump
• LСD control panel
• built-in 5 L (1.01 gal) water-on-water storage tank
• optional connection to external tank
• minimal operating pressure of 0.8 bar
• reverse osmosis membrane post-filtration
• Size: 371x190x420 mm (15”x7”x16”)
Protection against viruses and bacteria
5 L
Clean water storage tank

Aquaphor RO-206s - HoReCa product suits

Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites, bacteria and viruses, hard water minerals.

Hard water minerals
Bacteria and viruses
Nitrates and nitrites
Organic compounds

Features and equipment

Features — 20
  • Water tank integral tank
  • Clean water storage tank, L 5
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance, GPD 300

Equipment — 9
  • Replacement filter cartridge K1 1 pc
  • Replacement filter cartridge K2 K2 1 pc
  • Replacement membrane cartridge RO-150S (150gpd) 2 pcs

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Aquaphor RO-206s - HoReCa-1
Aquaphor RO-206s - HoReCa
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