Cottage Water Filters

We design, install and maintain water filtration systems for summer houses, cottages and villas.

Each system is configured individually depending on the water quality, number of consumers, installation complexity and special requirements.

Our procedure for the water treatment system design and installation

Water filtration info


Removes sand, rust and other solid particles

Significantly extends the life of a main filter

Water softener and deferrizator

Filters groundwaters, well water and water in open reservoirs

Removes iron, manganese and hardness salts, with any content of organic substances

Fine filter

Removes color, odor, heavy metal ions, organic compounds, traps micro-impurities

Drinking water machine

Makes water potable without boiling

Purifies water in a special way for allergy sufferers and babies

Restores the natural mineral balance of water

Compact water softeners VS
standard column water softeners

Modern compact softening systems Standard column softening systems
  • Сost efficient operation
  • Do not require special installation conditions
  • User-friendly
  • More expensive in operation than the compact ones
  • Require special engineering conditions for installation
Height, cm up to 98 from 158
Weight, kg up to 51 more than 160
Operating costs for 10 years approx. 1700 $ approx. 4300 $
Required pressure in the water supply system for the filter operation 1.4–2 atm 3.0–4,0 atm
Salt consumption for 1 regeneration 1–3 kg
the lowest consumption among all existing systems!
from 5 kg
Extra salt container not required required
Water discharge during regeneration 62–95 l from 200 l
High power drainage system not required required
Maximum performance 5 m3/hr not limited (when using larger columns)
Dismantling with your own hands (for example, in winter, when the space is not heated) easy and takes a few minutes not possible
Filter adsorbent ultrafine ion exchange resin (UltraFine) for deep filtration heterogeneous ion exchange resin
Adsorbent life recoverable, does not require replacement recoverable, but requires replacement every 5 years
Bakteristat© technology, eliminating bacteria growth in the filter yes no

Сatalogue of water filtration systems for private houses

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