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A greater future means pushing the limits of today. We constantly challenge the current state of water purification to introduce you to simple things – a refreshing sip of water, flavorful dinner with people you love, revitalizing shower, soft touch of home textiles. Welcome to the world of Aquaphor clean water perfection.

Aquaphor filter jug rated No 1 in Germany

Aquaphor filter jug rated No 1 in Germany

A comparative study of the most popular filter jugs by the Stiftung Warentest Institute awarded Aquaphor’s Amethyst the highest cumulative grade.

A blown jug to blow away water impurities

10 glasses of fresh drinking water in a gracefully shaped design.

The excellence of homemade water

Enjoy exceptional water safety and the improved taste of drinks and food.

Drink it clean. Drink it fresh.

Reduce common tap water contaminants and cut-off the bacteria in tap water. Great water for sensitive health.

Watch out contaminants
Iron in tap water

Rust stains are markers of a very common drinking water problem - excessive iron, which affects many household activities, creates strong a distaste to tap water and decreases overall quality of life.

Chlorine in tap water

The double edge effect of chlorine – when the benefit of saving lives comes at the cost of the dangerous side effects.

Lead and heavy metals in tap water

How old pipes, gasoline and industrial waste "spice up" our drinking water.

Hard water in a household

Hard water seems relatively harmless, but lets match it with the overall life quality and think again.

Aquaphor pitcher rated No 1 in Germany

Water pitcher manufactured by Aquaphor received the highest ratings across all attributes and got the best price to quality ratio among all samples in a comparative study by Stiftung Warentest.

Drugs in drinking water

The downsides of industrial food growing, accessible medication and anti-aging beauty products.

Silver bullet for bacteria

Antibiotics have become alarmingly widespread and are too often used when they are not really needed. There is a growing number of publications that provide new evidence about drug-resistant superbugs. At Aquaphor, we are constantly striving to combine both effective anti-bacterial protection and health friendly technologies, being strongly against the unnecessary use of powerful bactericides. That is why we employ silver in many our filters.

Arsenic: the global toxin

The widespread natural poison is found everywhere, including air, soil and tap water, and is not removed by water treatment plants, but only observed and measured.

Water pitchers and Magnesium in drinking water

World Water Day — saving the planet is a daily choice

The 25th anniversary of World Water Day outlines the “Nature for Water“ theme. Every year on 22 of March the UN highlights the global importance of freshwater. Diminishing water resources is a challenge we all have to accept, the sooner the better.

What happens to water at municipal water treatment plants?

Mankind has been messing with environment for a long time now, disposing large quantities of concentrated toxins which end up in the air, soil and water. This is the same water we purify to drink. And still,when it comes to drinking water, the main threat is microorganisms. Why?

Drinking Water Mineralization

The primary function of any drinking water filter is first and foremost water purification. The filter serves as a barrier to unwanted or dangerous waterborne contamination. Making it tastier and more salutary through adding minerals comes only as a second priority. None of the existing marketing trends can convince us otherwise.

Living free from acne and chlorine

Why Aquaphor?

Everyday we make an exemplary quality water for millions of families and businesses around the world.

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