Clean fresh water at hand

Grab your glass of tasty drinking water any time you want a sip. Make up your kitchen style and healthy habits with ease.

How to choose
Pick the style to match your kitchen. Pick the cartridge to meet your needs.
How it works
Just fill your pitcher with tap water and let it run through the filter. Get your pure and tasty drinking water.
Replacement filters
Swap out replacement filters on time. Filter capacity will differ depending on a type of filter and your water quality.

Under counter purifiers

Deeply purified drinking water for even better hydration and outstanding cooking.

Reverse osmosis systems
Reverse osmosis systems
Versatile protection against all sorts of contaminants and excessive minerals in water. Best for making memorable meals and drinks. Filtration 100% Filtration speed 7.8 l/h Softening Full Features Ca/Mg
drinking water systems
Drinking water systems
Unlimited supply of fresh drinking water on your kitchen. Advanced protection against common water impurities. Filtration 100% Filtration speed 7.8 l/h Softening Full Features Ca/Mg
How to choose
Do you want to have a great or perfect drinking water? Pick reverse osmosis system if you struggle with limescale.
How it works
Water is squeezed through a set of dense filters and membranes that either trap or cut-off the contaminants.
Replacement filters
Replace filters on time according to instructions in owner's manual for the best water quality. Better set a reminder.

Faucet filters

Provide purer drinking water from any tap with no installation and frequent filter replacing.

Watch out contaminants

A part of municipal water preparation. Kills microorganisms. Destroys water taste and smell. Cancerogenic


Natural born poison concentrated in the groundwater in certain regions.

Drugs in tap water

The modern threat in drinking water. Uniformed medication is a bad idea.

Iron in tap water

A visible sign of old pipes or poor water preparation. easily reduced by a mechanical filter.

Water Hardness

Excess of minerals diminishes cooking skills. Also, damages home appliances.

Lead and heavy metals

The old piping heritage. Dramatically persistent to stay inside our joints, bones ad nerves.

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