Under-counter water systems

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Reasons to love having an under-counter water filtration system

  • Better tasting water for drinks and meals

    Reduces chlorine and its annoying odour, and filters out sediment and other visible contaminants for cleaner, clearer water.

  • Protection from hidden threats

    Removes sediment and harmful substances found in tap water, including chlorine, lead, bacteria, pharmaceuticals and hormones.

  • Easy to use, easy to maintain

    Mounts seamlessly under the sink with a dedicated tap for the filtered water. Filter cartridges are easy to replace once a year. Unlimited access to fresh drinking water

  • Unlimited access to fresh drinking water

    2.5 litres of freshly filtered water per minute direct from the tap. So with up to 12,000 litres filter set capacity you will have plenty to keep any family hydrated.

Things to consider

Under-counter drinking water systems are a tried and tested solution for many water-related concerns. However, you should take the following into account before making your selection:

  1. Installation by a certified plumber is required and the sink may need drilling to fit the separate filtered water tap.
  2. Choose a reverse osmosis system if the main issue is scale deposits and film on hot drinks as softening water with under-counter systems is much less efficient.
  3. Replace filters every 12-18 months following the user manual. Service intervals depend on the model, water quality and usage.
  4. The system is designed to purify tap water. You should consult a specialist if you are considering using an under-counter purifier to filter water that has not already been municipally treated.

How to choose

Basic protection

Any Aquaphor drinking water system will protect you from chlorine, sediment, lead and many organic compounds. So if you need final water polishing or basic purification any system will provide it. The choice between filtration systems lies beyond just the removal of bad taste and smell.

Dealing with hard water

Excess of minerals (also called hard water) is a concern for many people around the world. You know you have it by limescale build-ups, white stains on glassware and an oily film on the surface of hot drinks. Hard water weakens the joy of having a good coffee, tea or meal, as their taste are severely affected. The uncompromising solution for dealing with hard water is a reverse osmosis system. It reduces the excess of minerals in water down to the level where it is perfect for cooking and brewing drinks. Aquaphor specialises in producing compact and water-efficient reverse osmosis units, able to cope with a very high water mineralization.

Fighting the invisible threats

Most dangers in drinking water are not easily spotted: heavy metals, pesticides, medicine or viruses cause harm even in the tiniest quantities and have no taste, smell or color. Here the reliability of the water purifier plays an immense role. All Aquaphor under-counter filters irreversibly trap lead, copper, mercury and other heavy metals. The best way to protect from any other waterborne threat is a reverse osmosis system that reduces 99.9999% viruses, bacteria, cysts, hormones and antibiotics. The next most effective option is an ultrafiltration drinking water system with a hollow fiber membrane, which provides 99,9% bacteria and cyst reduction.

Technical convenience

Ease of use, maintenance and replacing filters is another point to consider. Aquaphor’s know-how of connecting filters to the housing (“click and turn”) allows easy, simple and quick filter replacement without additional tools and prevents your contact with retained contaminants. All outer parts, including connecting pipes and fittings, are made of durable plastic which will easily resist possible pressure shocks in the water supply system.

The best solution to have exceptional quality drinking water at home is a reverse osmosis system. Note, technical conditions are required, including certain level of water pressure.

Reduced contaminants may not be present in all users’ water.

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