Clean water for body care

Let your daily hygiene be the source of positive feelings as well as improved health.

Reverse osmosis systems
Aquaphor Gross
A robust and effective purification system to keep chlorine, sediment and other common impurities out of your washing water.
drinking water systems
Aquaphor Viking
High performance purification system for shower champions and bathing heroes offers increased filter life and water quality. Productivity 25 L/min Filter life 100 000 L Mechanical filtration 1 micron

Why filter your shower water?

Brighter looks
A visible difference to your skin which gains an even tone with a natural glow, and hair that is silky after every wash.
Feeling refreshed
Feel more relaxed and refreshed each time you bath or shower with a more naturally hydrated less sensitive skin.
Stronger health
Reduced exposure to chlorine and other contaminants in tap water lowers the risk of long-term health problems particularly associated with the immune system.
Budget savings
Spend less on maintaining household appliances, detergents, clothes, linen and beauty products.

Softer water is better water

Step up your home life to the next level with more enjoyable bathing, softer towels, hydrated skin, silky hair and easier household chores.

Protect household appliances

Reduced limescale means longer lasting appliances and smaller housekeeping bills.

Mechanical pre-filters

Protect your appliances and pipe work from corrosion and clogging by stopping rust and sediment at the door.

Aquaphor Stiron

A dedicated water softener for washing machines and dishwashers which reduces existing deposits and prevents limescale build-up.

Whole-house water threats to defeat

A part of municipal water preparation. Kills microorganisms. Destroys water taste and smell. Cancerogenic


Natural born poison concentrated in the groundwater in certain regions.

Drugs in tap water

The modern threat in drinking water. Uniformed medication is a bad idea.

Iron in tap water

A visible sign of old pipes or poor water preparation. easily reduced by a mechanical filter.

Water Hardness

Excess of minerals diminishes cooking skills. Also, damages home appliances.

Lead and heavy metals

The old piping heritage. Dramatically persistent to stay inside our joints, bones ad nerves.

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