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Viking PRO water purifier housing
Viking PRO water purifier housing

Durable plastic housing for cold water, full size.

Viking Midi PRO water purifier housing
Viking Midi PRO water purifier housing

Durable plastic housing for cold water, medium size.


Stainless steel housing for cold and hot water, full size

Viking Midi
Viking Midi

Stainless steel housing for cold and hot water, medium size

Viking Mini
Viking Mini

Stainless steel housing for cold and hot water, ultra-compact size

Gross 20"
Gross 20"

Housing for cold water reinforced with silicate glass fibers for more durability

Gross 10"
Gross 10"

Housing for cold water reinforced with silicate glass fibers for more durability

What is a pre-filter?

The pre-filter cuts into the main water pipe for water treatment around the whole premises. It filters the water supplied to an apartment by the public water station, or is used as part of a comprehensive water treatment in a cottage.

After pre-filtration systems you get clean, clear water without foreign odors: taking shower becomes enjoyable and bathing children — safe. To obtain high-quality drinking water, it is recommended to install an under-sink filter for drinking water in the kitchen as well.


Why install a pre-filter?

Buying a pre-filter solves several problems at once:

  • extends the life of plumbing;
  • prevents the formation of rusty film;
  • reduces the risk of washing machines, dishwashers, boilers and water heating elements going out of order;
  • helps to improve the condition of skin and hair badly affected by chlorine;
  • protects a drinking water filter.

Thus, the filter is a way not only to maintain health, but also to save the budget. The price of the pre-filter is much lower than the cost of repairing expensive household appliances and replacing pipes.

What are the main differences between pre-filters?

Filters differ in the mix packed inside the replacement cartridges, fixture types, housing size and material. Note that different filters are designed to purify water of different temperatures.

Basic pre-filters provide mechanical purification from sand, rust and other large particles. Pre-filters with a carbon block have a wider range of action: they remove dissolved chlorine, organic impurities and heavy metals.

Cartridge technologies:

  • polypropylene (removes undissolved particles from 5 to 20 microns);
  • ion-exchange thread (removes mechanical impurities and, most importantly, dissolved iron);
  • activated carbon (removes both dissolved and undissolved impurities).

AQUAPHOR housings:

  • standard reinforced plastic (BB&SL housings 10″ and 20″);
  • stainless steel (branded Viking series: Mini, Midi and classic housings).


  • standard connection for the water supply tie-in;
  • union quick-release coupling, facilitating the installation in hard-to-reach places and cartridge replacement.

Temperature conditions:

  • for cold water (e.g., Viking PRO)
  • for hot water (e.g., Viking 300)

How to choose a pre-filter

  • Assess what quality of water you want to get: is it water for taking a shower or for drinking? This determines the degree of treatment (cartridge type) and the need for additional under-counter drinking water filters.
  • Study the characteristics of source water: how much impurities it contains initially. Laboratory analysis would provide more accurate information. It is especially relevant in the cottages and country houses with their own water source like a well or a groundwater well.
  • Decide on the installation location to pick a suitable-sized housing.
  • Estimate the volumes of water consumption. If they are high, you should pay attention to cartridges with the large resource.

How to install a pre-filter?

The AQUAPHOR professionals will help you with the installation: it won’t take much time and will save you from possible risks of the incorrect connection.

If the installation site is difficult to access, pay attention to the filters with the quick-release connection: it makes connection and maintenance much easier.

How often should you change a replacement cartridge?

Pre-filters have a large cartridge life, but it is not infinite. You need to look at the frequency of use and the quality of the incoming water. On average, carbon cartridges need to be changed once a year, and polypropylene ones — once every six months.

But replacement may be required earlier: if there are too many impurities in the water, the filter “gets tired” faster. The pre-treatment cartridge becomes clogged with large particles and eventually stops letting the water through.

To prevent this, it is necessary not to miss the time of the cartridge replacement. The condition of a filter means the health of the whole family!

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