Crystal Solo

The smallest filter with a separate faucet that provides high-quality water purification at an affordable price. The filter module has a stylish covering made from durable plastic (homopolymer of polypropylene). It is recyclable and has an environment-friendly production process. It takes up minimal space and safely cleans water of any chlorine, organic compounds and other impurities. Recommended pre-treatment of water to remove sediment impurities.
Filtration rate
Filter life
4000 L

Replacement filter

Technical specification

Filter life: 4000L
Replacement of cartridge: every 6 months
Filtration speed: 1.5 L/min
Dimensions: 9.0 x 34.1 cm
Weight: not more than 1.2 kg
Replacement cartridge: K2
Maximum operating water pressure: 0.63 MPa (6.5 at)

Replacement filters

Filtering type
Sorbtion treatment and purification
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