The Aquaphor RO-312S PRO is a full-fledged and fast reverse osmosis system featuring extremely space-saving design. It challenges the traditional RO systems configuration — there is no bulky storage tank which makes it a true catch for compact kitchens.

The system completely replaces premium bottled water. Filtered water suits for drinking, cooking, and baby food.

The water in a small jug stays always fresh, you can observe how quickly the drops are filling the jug. Wash the jug as often as you want, while professional help is required to clean the classic tank.

The system filters out unwanted impurities, including toxic substances, heavy metals, remnants of drugs, bacteria and viruses. Hardness salts are completely removed from the water, making longer life for the coffee machine, kettle, iron, steamer, and other home appliances.
99,99 %
Protection against bacteria and viruses
4,2 L
Clean water storage tank

RO-312S PRO product suits

Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites, bacteria and viruses, hard water minerals.

Hard water minerals
Bacterias and viruses
Nitrates and nitrites
Organic compounds

Features and equipment

Features — 5
  • Protection against bacteria and viruses 99,99 %
  • Clean water storage tank 4,2 L
  • Healthy minerals Mg2+

Equipment — 13
  • Replacement filter cartridge K1 1 pc
  • Replacement membrane cartridge RO-100 (100gpd) 1 pc
  • Replacement filter cartridge K7M 1 pc
Instruction manual
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