Prefiltration cartridge K1 is a full-fledged 2-in-1 unit, as it performs the job of two cartridges. To deliver both the advanced prefiltration and dissolved impurities reduction at a time, K1 has two active filtration zones.

First filtration zone contains the increased volume of AQUAPHOR advanced sorption media — AQUALEN, company`s patented filtration technology. At this step it effectively reduces Fe2+ and Fe3+, filters out sand and other coarse particles down to 10 microns.

Second filtration zone cuts off particles down to 3 microns and with its activated coconut carbon, powered with AQUALEN fiber, it serves as a long-lasting shield against dissolved harmful substances including residues of heavy metals, pharmaceuticals or pesticides.

Features and equipment

Features — 1
  • Removes chlorine yes

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