The first smart-filter for advanced tap water filtration.

The J. SHMIDT 500 combines the deep purification ability of a classic under-the-counter system with the portability of a water filter jug. It provides smart protection from most threats found in tap water, including lead, other heavy metals, toxic compounds or pharmaceuticals.

The autonomous electronic device J. SHMIDT 500 is managed by a microprocessor and powered by a micropump. It features a variety of AQUAPHOR technologies, developed exclusively for this product, such as:
- patented pneumatic filtration system
- extra-fine purification by activated carbon composite and patented AQUALEN sorbent
- hollow fiber membrane eliminates waterborne bacteria and cysts
- microprocessor operated filtration, battery and cartridge life indicator display
- energy efficient and long-lasting operation without recharging
- microbiologically safe micropump
- charging from any USB device on the go

A500 is made of shockproof food-grade material and is BPA-free. It is equipped with one J. SHMIDT 500 replacement filter.
Filter life
500 L

Smart water filtration which travels with you

The synergy of AQUAPHOR distinctive technologies results in outstanding efficiency inside a portable shape. It is 100% chemical-free thanks to the microfiltration stage, which physically protects from bacteria and cysts. An activated composite mixture removes all toxic pollutants.

Get safe, clean and tasty tap water whenever you are in the world!

J. SHMIDT 500 is great for a variety of occasions

Suits the needs of tenants who want to avoid installing an under-the-counter system in a rented space.
Health & Self-care
Protects infants and sensitive adults from waterborne allergens in food and drinks.
Helps in maintaining high standards of clean eating and healthy living.
Trips & Adventures
Keeps frequent travellers comfortable with the task of face washing and drinking from unknown tap at every new location.
Serves reliably along road trips and for picnics.
Еasily used in your personal office space to ensure the quality of your drinking water.

How it works

The hollow fiber microfiltration membrane has pores 10 times smaller than any bacterium.
Instead of a granular carbon used in regular filter jugs, in A500 an activated composite mixture with AQUALEN irreversibly traps all harmful substances including chlorine, lead, other heavy metals and toxic compounds, pharmaceuticals and traces of hormones.
To make the water get through the microfiltration and composite block, A500 uses a microprocessor which launches a micropump.

Replace the module according to the light indicator on the display.

What it filters

The J. SHMIDT A500 reduces common contaminates found in tap water.

Reduces: sand, silt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury, organic compounds like pesticides, phenols and remnants of drugs
Water minerals: reduces excessive hardness, recommended to use with water of medium hardness
Extra: 100% bacteria protection


Prior to the first usage, unpack the filter, insert the module into the funnel and turn until it stops. Install the funnel and cap, fill the filter with water. Rotate the electronic unit along the float in the funnel until it stops, then press the Start button to launch the micropump and begin filtration. Remember, the force of gravity will not allow water to come through the microfiltration membrane and carbon composite of J. SHMIDT A500.

Technical specification

Filter Capacity: holds 1.4 L (5 cups) of filtered water
Funnel Volume: 1.4 L (5 cups) per funnel
Filtration rate: 1 litre per minute
Lid style: twist-on
Replacement cartridge: J.SHMIDT A500
Filter life: 500 L (132 gallons)
Replacement: Replace the module according to the light indicator on the display
Filter life indicator: electronic

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