The RO-31 is the extra compact reverse osmosis system with ultra small footprint. Instead of a tank, it is equipped with a jug. The filtration rate of all AQUAPHOR RO systems is very high, with the RO-31, you will always have 2.5 liters of clean, soft, and fresh water at hand. This system will filter out any impurities, including toxic substances, bacteria, and viruses, as well as eliminate scale for the entire life of the membrane.

The reverse osmosis system RO-31 has limited prefiltration stage, and it is better to use with the whole-house prefiltration system, then it completely replaces premium bottled water.

With RO-31 there is enough of clean, soft and tasty water for drinking, cooking, baby food, and home appliances. The system completely removes hardness salts from the water, which means it will provide a longer life life for the coffee machine, kettle, iron, and steamer. The humidifier will no longer cover the furniture with a white dust.

The kit includes an adapter for any other water container: the water supply from the filter will stop automatically as the tank fills up. The filter works even at low pressure in the water supply system (from 1.5 atm.). Classic systems require at least 3.5 atm.
Protection against viruses and bacteria
2.3 L
Clean water storage tank

Aquaphor RO-31 reverse osmosis system product suits

Water hardness and limescale elimination

Hard water distorts the taste of food, coffee, and tea and is a threat to some home appliances. Coffee machines, electric kettles, and other kitchenware may suffer from scale build-ups and film in hard water.

The most effective method to deal with scale and make the taste of food better is reverse osmosis. With the AQUAPHOR DWM-31 at hand, there is 2.5 liters of soft and clean water that is best for children, people with allergies, coffee lovers, and foodies.

Space saving design

The no-tank concept makes the Aquaphor RO-31 reverse osmosis purifier the smallest full-function RO on the market, which takes very little space under the sink while providing tasty and safe, soft, and odorless water, no matter what is the initial water quality.

Optimal Mg and Ca mineralization

At the mineralization stage, the concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium are optimized, depending on the initial water hardness.

Clean water, which is enriched with magnesium, brings health benefits and helps in daily culinary efforts. Ordinary purified water tastes better with magnesium. Some drinks taste better too. Coffee lovers know that the right balance of magnesium will significantly improve the impression of the cup.

Magnesium also helps your body to maintain high energy levels and a good mood daily.

Versatile protection from waterborne threats

Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites, bacteria and viruses, hard water minerals.

Hard water minerals
Bacterias and viruses
Nitrates and nitrites
Organic compounds

Features and equipment

Features — 19
  • Water tank filter jug
  • Clean water storage tank 2.3 L
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance, GPD 100

Equipment — 12
  • Replacement filter cartridge K5 1 pc
  • Replacement filter cartridge K2 1 pc
  • Replacement membrane cartridge RO-100S 1 pc
Instruction manual
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