Stainless steel filter housing of in-line whole house purification system Aquaphor Viking. Aimed on reducing sediment, chlorine and lead in your every tap depending on the filter. Can be equipped with sediment or carbon-fiber filters of different porosity and flow rate.

Designed for easier installation and maintenance. Withstands high pressure in water main. Lasts for up to ten years.
stainless steel
Filtration rate
up to 25L/min
cold and hot
Filter life
up to 100 000 L

Reasons to have Viking filters

High flow rate and low pressure drop
Viking filters reliably purify hot and cold water to remove insoluble compounds, heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants.
Elegance of shape
Well built stainless-steel housing appropriately fits any bathroom interior if you do not have enough place to hide it.
Simple installation and service
With its quick-release “American” mount Viking does not require any specific knowledge to replace filters.
Wide range of filters
Depending on the installed filter, Viking reduces sediment, provides basic purification of cold or hot water, and deep purification of drinking water.

Virtually ageless Viking housing made of stainless steel will serve long years staying resistant to pressure challenges and temperatures up to 90C. Exceptionally long lasting carbon replacement filters can live up to 100 000 liters. Viking filters contain Aqualen, patented powerful sorbent, and is far ahead of any conventional carbon whole-house filters when it comes to deep water purification.

How it works

Mighty in-line filter Viking makes all water at home great for bathing and housekeeping. Keep your skin safe from chlorine, iron, numerous toxic waterborne compounds including heavy metals.
Viking protects the water-heater, washing machines and bathroom fixtures from unexpected maintenance costs. Finally it looks classy enough in its everlasting stainless steel housing, so that you can just leave it on a foreground in a bathroom. Just choose between three available sizes to suit your premises best.

Following the installation, performed by a licenced plumber, there is no special maintenance needed for Aquaphor Viking. Just keep this filter in house, do not expose to freezing temperatures and change the replacement cartridges in time.

What it filters

Reduces: iron and other insoluble impurities, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury, organic compounds, remains of drugs, pesticides, phenols, bacteria
Water minerals: reduce excessive hardness
Extra: efficient in colloidal iron and dirt retention, contains silver in its ionic form which helps to reduce bacteria


How to use an Aquaphor Viking

Aquaphor Viking filter should be installed by a licensed plumber only. Further maintenance is easy with the quick-release “American” mount. You will not need any tools to replace filters on your own.

Depending on the type of your water contamination, the size of Viking housing and the temperature of filter you plan to filter you can choose between several filter types. Simple mechanical pre-filtration can be fulfilled by polypropylene replacement filter.

Depending on the replacement cartridge, filter life provides clean water up to:
- 100.000 liters with Viking
- 60.000 liters with Viking Midi
- 30.000 liters with Viking Mini

Viking filter may negligibly reduce water pressure.


Note, Viking filter is usually used for whole-house water purification, as well it can be applied for drinking water purification. For the latter choose B150 PLUS, a special replacement filter aimed at drinking water purification. Other Viking replacement filters are recommended for bathing and housekeeping only. You can additionally use Aquaphor water filter jug or under-counter water-purification system.

If you haven't used Viking filter for more than 7 days, discard the water for 5 minutes before the next use and always use fresh filtered water.

Technical specification

- Filter life: up to 100 000 L
- Filtration rate: 7 – 25 L/min
- Temperature: up to +90C
- Replacement cartridge: B520-13 (cold water), B520-14 (hot water), B150 PLUS, PP
- Replacement: see cartridge specification
- Housing: stainless steel
- Available sizes: 595 mm / 425 mm / 255 mm

Replacement filters

For general cold water purification purposes like bathing and housekeeping choose B520-13 replacement filter. For hot water up to 90C choose B520-14 replacement filter. These filters reduce chlorine, lead and other common contaminant in tap water.

For drinking water quality of purification B150 Plus replacement filter is necessary.

For mechanical pre-treatment use PP filter. It eliminates larger particles like sediment, rust and sand.

Filtration rate
Filter life
up to 100 000 L
Viking polypropylene replacement
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