Exceptionally salt- and water-efficient whole-home cabinet water softener. Up to 30% reduction of salt emissions of a household.

Aquaphor S1000 P1 model removes high concentrations of hardness salts, iron and manganese, and as well — hydrogen sulfide in municipal or well water.

Requires up to 30% less salt
The specially designed tank contains extra fine mesh and tightly compacted chlorine-resistant ion-exchange resin with granules 2 times smaller than in classical columns. The tank design extends its` contact with water and boosts overall salt-efficiency.

All-in-1: water softening, iron, manganese & hydrogen sulfide removal
With the same volume of ion-exchange resin, AQUAPHOR S1000 P1 provides a larger surface area in contact with water, absence of channel effect, while small granules regenerate faster and more efficiently. As a result — removal of a high concentration of Fe (up to 15 ppm).

KDF85 process media accounts for for hydrogen sulfide filtration.

Up to 5 times less water for regeneration
Regeneration of softener and especially iron removal system is very a water-consuming process for classical systems with columns. The innovative, patented Dual Core Valves of the AQUAPHOR S1000 P1 assures long-term trouble-free performance concurrently wasting minimal amount of water.

Features and equipment

Features — 16
  • Maximum Compensated Hardness, gpg 90 (1540)
  • Maximum Ferrous Iron Reduction, ppm* 10
  • Minimum pH, standard units 7

Instruction manual
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