AQUAPHOR vs Bacteria: When Chlorine Doesn’t Help

Even a simple shower can be fatal. The water stream from the shower head contains not only large drops, but also tiny droplets (water mist), which enter the lungs.

Various bacteria and viruses can be found in the water mist. Legionella is especially dangerous: it causes severe or fatal pneumonia (Legionnaires' disease). It cannot be removed by chlorine or other common disinfectants. It reproduces even in hot water — especially inside the shower head. These bacteria can be killed only by chlorine dioxide.

Specifically for hospitals, AQUAPHOR developed a sophisticated water treatment system comprising chlorine dioxide generator. It produces and maintains safe 0.5 mg/l concentration ClO2 for all hot water in the clinic. By the end of 2020, AQUAPHOR has installed these systems in 17 of 25 largest Israeli hospitals. AQUAPHOR technologies not only purify water, but also save lives.

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