Water filters for public places

Built & assembled in the EU
AQUAPHOR products are manufactured in our own production facilities located in Estonia

Filters for businesses

Providing fresh drinking water in the office means care for both the health of employees and the reputation of the company. To ensure that employees, visitors and customers always have access to clean water, there is no need to order water delivery. It is more convenient to buy and install a filtration system connected to the water supply.

The core of such system is a multi-stage filter (based on adsorption or reverse osmosis technology) purifying water from any contaminants. Water purification systems for the office and production facility differ from the filters that are installed in single-family apartments: their performance is much higher. The price varies depending on the technologies and materials used, as well as the performance of a filter.


Water filter dispensers

Purifiers of this type are suitable for offices, gyms, reception, waiting rooms, and other public spaces. Filter dispensers are a better eco- friendly alternative to a standard cooler. The dispenser has functions of heating and cooling filtered water. Some models are equipped with an electronic control panel.

The core of the AQUAPHOR filter dispensers are high-quality filtration systems for deep purification of water from chlorine, heavy metals and many other dissolved impurities and coarse particles. Some models also remove bacteria and viruses.


Drinking fountains

These provide quick access to clean drinking water in public areas. Glasses, mugs, or any other vessels are not needed, because the design of a fountain makes it easy to drink without them. The fountain is suitable for schools, airports, industrial plants, business centers, etc.

The filtration mixture of the AQUAPHOR drinking fountains includes hollow fiber membrane, which provides reliable antibacterial protection to prevent infection outbursts and maintain public health.


Сommercial reverse osmosis filtration systems

AQUAPHOR manufactures highly efficient solutions for water purification in offices, malls, and other public spaces. For example, high-performance RO-206S can handle water treatment in a coffee shop. This under-counter filter can be connected to a coffee machine or ice maker. A reverse osmosis membrane inside it is the most effective protection against any dangerous (like organochlorine) or simply unpleasant (like rust) impurities in tap water.

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