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What is a mineralizer?

A mineralizer is a filter cartridge filled with minerals that can interact with water (in fact, dissolve there). After passing through the other cartridges (containing activated carbon, polypropylene or membrane), filtered water is enriched with useful salts.

AQUAPHOR mineralizers include natural dolomite — a mixture of calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Which filters contain a mineralizer?

The only type of water treatment sдystems requiring a mineralizer are reverse osmosis (RO) filters, since during water filtration not only pollutants are removed, but also healthy minerals — and that needs to be corrected.

How does a mineralizer work?

First, it should be noted that our body absorbs mineral salts from water rather reluctantly, and their main source is our food. Minerals are added to water on purpose to restore its usual pleasant taste after purification on the membrane.

  1. They are very compact and take up very little space thanks to the built-in tank.
  2. Compared to basic RO filters, 5-10 times less water goes into the drainage.
  3. Filter maintenance is less expensive because the cartridges last longer.
  4. AQUAPHOR RO systems work even at very low water pressure.
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